About Texas Fabco Solutions

Brooks Pearce founded Texas Fabco Solutions in 2007 after a successful career in the oil and gas industry dating back nearly two decades.  His technical expertise, commitment to safety, and customer-oriented outlook saw his career trajectory move swiftly up the ranks from field operator to superintendent.

Brooks was able to leverage his project management and technical knowledge into a career as a completions consultant where he was responsible for building facilities, frac completions, work over completions, and pulling permits for construction.

In 2007, he began assembling his own skid mount production units and selling them to clients. As each product iteration improved, word spread quickly and units were procured at a rapid rate from clients looking for excellent prices, simple set up, and increased production.

To keep up with demand, Brooks established Texas Fabco Solutions in early 2007. The firm specializes in the fabrication of oil and gas production equipment to meet ASME code and non-code requirement and client specifications.

Since 2007, Texas Fabco Solutions has quickly gained traction in the industry as a company willing to do anything for their clients. Texas Fabco Solutions is committed to its customers throughout the sales and installation process by providing delivery, set up, and support. The company culture of integrity, reliability, and relationship building has served the organization well, resulting in a stellar reputation based on a track record of success.