Colin is currently an operations consultant with Texas Fabco Solutions. Prior to joining Texas Fabco he was the Permian Basin Operations Manager for Kratech Oil & Gas, an engineering and project management firm, from 2010 to December 2018.

During his 8 years at Kratech Mr. Baudin transitioned from a role as a production/construction consultant to managing multi-state drilling and completion projects. Colin has had extensive operational experience in the Haynesville, Miss Lime, Stack, Scoop, Delaware, Central Basin Platform, Barnett and the EagleFord.

Prior to Kratech Colin provided startup assistance and day to day management for several startup companies ranging from water transfer, pipeline construction and safety device, production equipment testing starting in the panhandle of Texas in the mid 2000’s.

During his career Mr. Baudin has worked for over 40 operators ranging from majors to small independents, along with day to day field work he has worked with financial groups to assist with several acquisitions and divestitures from ranging from $50M to $750M in size.

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