ASME Code Separators

Both heated and non-heated separators designed by Texas Fabco Solutions, meet ASME code specifications, and have earned a reputation of outstanding reliability and performance from field operators across the country. Our gas separators range in size range from 8” x 2’ to 42” x 15’. Custom ASME vessels are available.

Filter Separator – our separator-filter combination is often used in high gas, low liquid applications, dehydration, and fuel gas units. It extracts small solids including dust and oxidation along with oil and glycol. The result is cleaner natural gas outputs.

Two & Three Phase Separators – vertical and horizontal configurations are available for low and high-pressure applications. Each two and three phase separator is pre-engineered and available for immediate installation enabling our clients to commence operations quickly.

Vent Scrubbers – increases safety while decreasing environmental impact in gas flare systems. This two-phase separator removes liquids from the vent gas stream before entrance into relief and blow-down lines. Our vent scrubbers are manufactured to handle a wide range of flow rates.

Heated Separator – simultaneously utilizes heat to protect equipment while removing liquid from gas and oil streams. Pipelines and valves are protected from paraffin accumulation and clogging. This standard three-phase separator utilizes an integrated fire tube to easily handle extreme pressure up to a staggering 500 psi.

Gas Scrubber – downstream equipment is preserved and protected as trace amounts of liquid are removed, mitigating the threat of equipment damage and failure. Gas scrubbers are typically used upstream from gas systems containing dry desiccants or systems.