Line Heaters

Our line heaters effectively keep temperatures in the proper range within the well stream. Texas Fabco Solutions line heaters are known for their ability to neutralize effects of rapid temperature drops that often occur. Our line heaters are also used to heat gas transmission lines.

Our team is able to customize a multitude  of coil arrangement and design pressures up to 15,000 psig helping to achieve maximum economy and efficiency.  Because of our industry knowledge and design capabilities, we offer completely customized and pre-assembled packages with capacities of 200k – 5mil BTU.

Stated simply, our line heaters outperform the competition while providing maximum value.

Maximum Performance

  • Heavier material than the standard 1/8 “, press braked to release atmosphere to prevent tank damage
  • Mitigates formation of hydrates during pressure reduction.
  • Low liquid shutdown to prevent unit productions.
  • Increases performance of downstream equipment through process temperature regulation.


  • Pre-assembled units are kept in stock for quick delivery, installation, and startup.
  • Latest API design and manufacturing standards resulting in increased utility and safety.
  • Precision components for simple installation and better safety.


  • Highly trained local technicians ready to promptly and professionally serve.
  • Service professionals located near every major oil and gas producing region in the United States.