Oil Production Units

Our commitment to superior products, technical expertise, and workplace safety drive every aspect of our organization. As a result, Texas Fabco Solutions has achieved a meritable reputation for customer service and value-added oil production units.

All of our oil production units are specifically designed to give ample retention time for heating oil, and separating and measuring gas. The composition of the oil production unit increases the value of your oil by heating fluids more efficiently as high as 750k BTU.

Texas Fabco Solutions’ OPUs are not one-size-fits-all. We have the ability to install barrel counters to calculate fluids as well as multiple meter tubes to measure sales, flare, well, and injection gases. All units are designed with ASME code or non-code separator and individual enclosure. Enclosures include:

  • Internal piping
  • Liquid drums
  • Bypasses
  • Fuel gas system

Every enclosure meets Class 1 DIV 2 Natural Aspiration Ventilation standards.

Each oil production unit can be equipped with a multitude of systems for increased safety, burner management, and electronic flow measurement – all according to your specific requirements. In addition, temperature controllers are integrated to ensure optimal fluid temperature within the vessel.

All units are delivered to your location. Our operator friendly design means an intuitive, simplified installation process once the oil production unit arrives on site. Our streamlined units and logistical processes result in lower construction cost and safe, rapid installation.

Our in-house team of leading engineers manufactures each gas production unit. The result is a superior product built to deliver exceptional heating and separating performance.

Custom Fabrication

Our basic components are sized according to our clients’ unique operating environment. This means our units provide outstanding fuel economy and increased liquid recovery without ancillary problems. Depending on your needs, we are able to integrate various performance and safety systems to mitigate problems and increase operational efficiency.

Our oil production units are designed for custom fabrication, and manufactured using only name-brand components. Each unit’s controls, valves, and fittings are the highest-rated in the industry. Our results-driven culture and unparalleled OPUs result in:

  • Simplified installation of vital components
  • Package options based on unique well-head requirements
  • Superior parts manufactured within Texas Fabco Solutions’ environment of quality control and testing
  • Quick, seamless field service due to interchangeable components.