Field Production Technicians

Production of surface wells, wellhead compression and Oil and Gas processing equipment represents a substantial monetary investment. Producers focusing on the extraction and monetization of hydrocarbons may decide the cost and associated challenges of equipment ownership is not an optimal use of limited organizational resources.

At Texas Fabco Solutions, our industry experience and knowledge allows us to provide contract field production technicians to handle your needs so you can best leverage your limited resources and human capital. We will complete a thorough analysis and vetting to determine the optimal approach including necessary equipment and personnel.

Why contract a Texas Fabco Solutions gas production technician?

  • Ensure availability when company personnel is limited or unavailable
  • Focus on areas of your business where you perform best
  • Leverage Texas Fabco Solutions renowned flexibility and expertise as global gas and oil industry providers
  • To manage and maintain your organizational assets while complying with ever-changing environmental rules and regulations


Our technicians are trained to diagnose and troubleshoot a variety of equipment including our own and other brands. Simply put, we know gas and oil production. Our team will come in, nail down the issue, and get you back up and running.

Repair Work

In most scenarios, our field service personnel perform repairs onsite in one visit. Utilizing digital testing and proving equipment, our technicians can test, calibrate and repair orifice, rotary, turbine, and diaphragm meters.